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Welcome to my digital home!


Acting and corporate life may seem like different worlds, but I've discovered a beautiful synergy between the two. The skills I've gained in acting, such as story-telling, communication, and adaptability, have significantly contributed to my growth in Wealth Management. Similarly, the knowledge and discipline from my finance background have brought savviness and financial stability to my acting journey. I'm grateful for the incredible growth and learning opportunities both paths have provide. Helping other actors achieve financial literacy and stability is how I like to pay-it-forward.

I am an actor because it gives me genuine joy. and purpose. I love being a part of a community that connects me with different cultures, challenges my perspective, and encourages me to question what it means to be human under different circumstances. Especially when playing the unsuspected anti-hero; my favorite kind of role and unhinged Type A. 

Please visit often to catch my latest achievements, adventures, and mischief such as running in my first triathlon and traveling across the world to New Zealand.


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